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Expert medical advice from Dr Mrs Sadhana Dharmadhikari

Watch the videos below to get answers to frequently asked questions related to pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy?

Can i have banana & papaya in pregnancy?

How much weight should i gain in pregnancy?

Can i continue to drink tea or coffee in pregnancy?

Is smoking or drinking alcohol during prengnancy really that bad?

I eat healthy, so should i take prenatal vitamins?

What should and shouldn't i eat while i am pregnant?

Is it safe to dye my hair in pregnancy? Can i wax if needed?

Should i remain confined to house in pregnancy?

Are OTC drugs safe in pregnancy? What about cold, cough and headache

Can having sex hurt the baby?

When should i call my Doctor during prenatal visits?

What are the signs and symptoms that i must report immediately to Dr?

I experience severe leg cramps while sleeping, what can i do?

I am pregnant and severely constipated. Also sometimes I pass blood from the stool

What can i do to relieve or strave off pregnancy symptoms like heartburn & stretch marks?

Can i travel on a plane while i am pregnant?

Would going through metal detector injure my baby?

I have to travel long distance, what is the most suitable time for me to travel? What precautions do i have to take?